Term 5 and beyond!

26 May

As Term 5 comes to a close I think we would all agree that it has been a very successful 6 weeks of learning.

Some of the highlights include: a speed stack workshop; a class trip to Pizza Express and Tesco; a visit to Hever Castle; Walks to the beach; KS1 and KS2 SATs completed; Class 6 singing show; a Spelling Bee and all rounded off with our fabulous ‘Dengineer’ Day! Amazing!

We are beginning our process of class organisation for 2017-18. This year we are going to create two additional classes so that we can accommodate the children in single year groups. We will therefore have two classes of each year,each with 26 children. FS2 will continue to be one large class. We are spending a great deal of time making sure the children are placed in the correct class and are considering a number of things when making this decision, such as peer relationships and who works best with which teaching style. The classes will not be based on either ability or age.

We shall be renaming our classes and are following the theme of great ‘stones’:

FS2: Diamonds (Miss Reeves & Mrs Bovingdon)

Year 1: Jet (Mrs Milbourn & Mrs Fox)

Jade (Miss Jones)

Year 2: Opal (Mrs Roberts)

Onyx (Mr McConnell)

Year 3: Coral (Miss Calver)

Crystal (Miss Bradd)

Year 4: Ruby (Mrs Smout)

Rhinestone (Mr Finn)

Year 5: Amethyst (Miss Ward)

Amber (Miss Gorham)

Year 6: Topaz (Mrs Kay)

Turquoise (Miss Booth)

On 12th July we shall have an evening where you are invited to meet your child’s new teacher and see where their classroom is. We are going to be very busy over the next few weeks relocating rooms to create the new classes. Exciting times!

From September Mrs Richardson will take on the role of Senco within school. Sadly, Mrs Norman is moving on and I am sure you would join me in thanking her for all her work for the school.

We have also welcomed a new Lunch Time Supervisor to our Team, Mrs Fielder and I am delighted to have appointed Mrs Adcock as Senior Lunch Time Supervisor.

After the holiday we shall be rolling out a new Behaviour Policy. This will be based around five rules, which the children have all agreed through their Young Governors.

The rules are

· Listen to and follow the instructions of all adults in the school

· Keep our hands, feet, unkind words and actions to ourselves

· Show care, concern and kindness to each other

· Work hard and do our best at all times

· Look after school and other people’s belongings

You will be able to see how well your child is managing to keep our rules through their red assertive mentoring folders. You will shortly be able to see a copy of the policy on our website.

Our clubs this term have been really inspiring…Mr Sharps magic is ‘wow’! My advice is never play cards with him!! There is such a range of opportunities for the children and it is great to see so many involved. As always huge thanks to those who give up their time on top of the school day.

I hope you are all able to enjoy a sunny half term; it is much longed for I think!

As always if you have any comments, concerns or simply good news that you wish to share please do not hesitate to contact me.

All good wishes

Nicola Wood