This Weeks School Story

05 Dec

We are hurtling towards Christmas now and have had the first of our Twelve Days of Christmas events. Diamond class invited their parents and grandparents in for an afternoon of Christmas crafts. It was lovely. glueing and sticking, baking and icing…a lovely experience for both the children and the adults, all culminating in a story by candlelight! Thank you for your support.
We have another Five Days of Christmas coming up next week…Coral on Monday 3.45pm, Crystal on Tuesday 3.45pm, Jet and Jade together on Wednesday 10.30am, Opal on Thursday 2.30pm and Onyx on Friday 10.30am. Where events are scheduled for 3.45pm you obviously don’t collect your child after school. I can’t wait to see what treats we have in store from these classes!
You will have seen our lovely Christmas tree in front of the school entrance. This was kindly donated by Mark Coleman who does all of our grounds maintenance. In fact the whole school is looking very festive, there is a positive forest of trees!
Our Christmas post boxes will not be open until Monday 11th December, so please don’t let your children bring their cards to school until then, thank you.
We will start selling Teddy Bear Raffle tickets in class from Monday. They are 10p each and there are 14 Bears to be for each class…two for Diamonds as they are a ‘double class’. The draw is on the last day of term.
Talking of draws, sorry I forgot to do November’s 100 club yesterday, I shall do it on Monday. Will you be the lucky recipient of £50 bonus Christmas spending money?!
Our Young Governors were presented with their badges at our Full Governing Body meeting on Wednesday. Some very proud children and parents!
The Young Governors are working on trying to address the parking concerns that have been raised. They have said that the Baldwin Road can be dangerous. I agree with them and I think you would agree that the road would be much safer if there was no parking opposite the yellow zig zag lines as this completely narrows the road and often prevents traffic from getting to the car park. As a school we have an amazing amount of parking, we are so fortunate. If parking was only in designated parking spaces then your children would be a whole lot safer. It would be good to see this improved, one day there will be an accident, and none of us want that.
As well as all the Christmas events that are going on in school we have also had time for some excellent Squash coaching for years 5 and 6. This has been provided by additional PE funding the school receives.
It was lovely to see you at Drop In this week so you will have seen for yourself how hard your children have been working. We shall be updating our red folders before the end of term, talking with the children about how well they think they are keeping our school rules. I did have to be a bit stern this week as some of us weren’t really making the right choices about our behaviour, or indeed showing care for our school environment. I’m pleased to say this is mostly improving.

Well I think that’s all for now.
Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday for some more festive fun!
Mrs Wood