This Weeks School Story

06 Dec

I’m going to have to start this week’s school story early; there is just so much going on!
Yesterday Amethyst and Amber classes went to the cinema to see Wonder. They have been studying the book in class and this was a culmination of their work. To be able to compare a book with a film interpretation is an aspect of their curriculum…Judging by the children’s responses on their return it was a morning well spent!
Coral class gave us the ‘Second Day of Christmas’. They treated their audience to an A-Z of Christmas and sang us some Christmas songs…More than once, if you were in the audience!!
Today Onyx and Opal classes had visitors from a charity which supports young boys in Kenya, enabling these children to be in a safe home and improve their lives. I think there was a huge amount learnt, and an extra feeling of ‘gratefulness’ for just how lucky we are.
Topaz class had some retired musicians in for a rehearsal for their Christmas event. The class are studying aspects of World War Two and are learning songs from the era ready to perform on the ‘Eleventh Day of Christmas’
Amethyst Class went to a local care home to share the residents’ memories of Christmas when they were young. Miss Ward was so complimentary of her class and I believe a return visit has been planned.
Today also saw the ‘Third Day of Christmas’ from Crystal Class. The children performed a totally engaging play with a beautiful message. they also have some rather talented singers…it was totally lovely.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to Jade and Jet’s nativity…tissues ready…