Latest Learning

February 2018

Before the snow came we managed to spot shapes on our playground and in the local environment

We pay attention to details

Making marks on things is one of our favourite things to. This week we had painting onto clingfilm, in snowy dust and using our hands and feet on paper on the floor.

We find new ways to do things

Gotta love the snow!

We engage in new experiences and take a risk

We show curiosity

Whilst it was freezing on the outside we took part in lots of warm inside activities. We explored magnets and metal objects, made roads and assault courses and put objects in to size order on the Interactive Whiteboard.

We maintain focus on an activity for a period of time and are not easily distracted

The Stick Insects still needed looking after in the cold so we collected more shrubbery for them to eat and gave them cuddles to keep them warm.

We show high levels of energy and fascination

January 2018

We returned to nursery for the New Year with a new goal in mind. We read the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ and marvelled about how hard the boy tried and tried until he reached his goal. We thought about something that we wanted to do and wrote it on a star to hang in the classroom. Some of us wanted to get started straight away and our Parents joined in to help us at home.


We initiate activities and seek challenge

We show a ‘can do’ attitude

As the weather has been so cold this January, we looked at life in cold places and what clothes we might wear when the weather is cold compared with when it is warm. We painted polar animals and made shelters for them using sugar lumps. We painted ice cubes and explored them melting. We looked at the affect that they have on our senses using descriptive language.

We make links and notice patterns in our experience

We develop ideas of cause and effect

By looking at some animals in winter in our local environment, we explored hibernation. We made small homes for mice and hedgehogs and made seed and fat feeders to put out for the birds that need some extra help at this time of year.

We plan and make decisions about how to approach a task and reach a goal

We feel proud that we have accomplished something

Superheroes have been one of our main interests this term so we have created a superhero lair! We looked at the Marvel heroes but also some more unusual ones like Sporticus from lazy town, who like to exercise and eat the right foods.

We show high levels of energy and fascination

We take a risk and engage in new experiences

Supertato, Superbat and even Superworm, were the stories that we explored and we had a go at creating our own superheroes using veg to defeat the Evil Pea Villain!

We take on a role in our play

We pretend things are objects from our experience

Christmas 2017


At Christmas time we prepared for Santa’s arrival by writing our wish lists for him. We cut and stick pictures from the Argos catalogue and had a go at ‘writing’ some Christmas cards. There was a post box for us to post our cards to one another as well as a wrapping station for us to practise our gifting skills.



We represent our experiences in play and act them out

We enjoy meeting challenges for our own sake


We love to explore bubbles in the wind


We use our senses to explore the world around us

We show high levels of energy and fascination

We have been looking at numbers and matching objects to numerals. By playing eye spy and ICT programmes, we can become familiar with numbers in context.


We seek challenges

We make links and notice patterns in our experiences

Some of us watched Shrek the Movie at home at the weekend and came to Nursery chatting about the characters and setting. We constructed a role play area together and created a swamp using the vocabulary associated with Shrek’s stinky house. Exploring the muddy swamp of chocolate Angel Delight and finding creepy crawlies was also really fun.

We plan activities to reach a goal

We show particular interests


We have celebrated harvest by looking at the wonderful things the earth gives us. The role play area was set up as a farm shop and we had real food items to explore and find out where they come from (farm to fork).

We notice detailed features of objects in our environment

We find out and explore


Pumpkins have been our favourite thing! We have explored their insides and tapped golf tees in using hammers and then balanced conkers on them. We have also made pumpkin soup and enjoyed it during snack time with a nice homemade, crusty roll.


We are willing to try new food textures and tastes

We are willing to ‘have a go’


For Halloween, we dressed up as skeletons, shared the story of Funny Bones and explored the human body by making our own skeleton pictures.


We talk about significant events in our own experience

We use what we know in our play


On Tuesday 17th October, the sun turned orange! We looked (safely) at the sun and saw that there was a reddy/orange mist across it. We talked about a big storm that had ‘whipped’ up dust from a desert a long way away. We then explored colour mixing and drew circles using red, yellow and orange paint. We likened the sun to our pumpkins and the oranges that we had a snack time!

We show an awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment

We achieve what we set out to do


We were so excited on our return to Nursery this year as we had some new friends to meet. 7 nymph (baby) Stick Insects! Together with our families, we thought up new names for them.

We love looking after them by collecting privet and ivy leaves from the school grounds, which is what they love to eat but also hide amongst. We learnt that as they get bigger, they moult their skin to make room for growth. We looked at some shed skins through the magnifying glasses.

To keep their house nice and humid, we take it in turns to spray water on their leaves and love to help clean away their mess.


We love showing care and concern for living things

We use what we already know to learn new things

Our Visit to Lathe Barn