Latest Learning

We often see rainbows and have been learning the colours found in the spectrum. We can recognise and name the primary colours and we have been sorting objects by colour. We even painted bread using food colourings and toasted them to eat at snack time.  

Our journals are now electronically communicated to parents but we still like to show off what we have been doing in the classroom. Our Key workers follow our lead with our interests and they extend learning by promoting the use of the characteristics of effective learning.  


We love looking at the jobs people do and taking on their role in our play.

In our local environment we have so much to look at and learn from! We have been growing sunflowers from seed in our allotment area and measuring their progress.  We have also been watching what happens to frogs spawn and often take walks to the beach to look at nature. 

Our Visit from Zoolab. We met a Giant African Land Snail, a corn snake and a millipede! We were so brave stroking and touching them. 

ICT – we love to play on simple programmes including apps on the ipad. We have created a picture, mixed it to a puzzle and then moved the pieces to complete the picture.

We have been drawing ourselves and our family and paying particular attention to the features on our face. We used mirrors and books of our body parts to help us with our drawings.

We use a variety of different materials to draw and write, making sure that we are building up our hand muscles and understanding that we can express ourselves in many ways. Whether it be painting a backdrop for our small world play or trying our best to write letters, we love to make our mark! 

We love our class fish and look after them every day. 

We started to play at being pirates in the garden, so our grown-ups got us involved with making a ship inside. We still play with it outside using our imaginations, but inside we now have a role play area and lots of activities.

Map work.

Walk the plank

Mathematical vocabulary and listening in order to find the loot!

Giving instructions.


Pirate creations.

Checking the loot we found at X marking the spot.

The Jolly Roger

Using magnets to sieve for treasure.

We love to be creative.

We explored a snake skin and looked at the type of snake that would have shed a skin like this. We looked at the shapes and patterns that made up the skin and how they fit together so beautifully.

Santa’s Special RHDR Trip

We don’t let the mud get us down! Come rain or shine we make the most of the outdoor area and today it was jumping in muddy puddles and blowing bubbles in the rain!

We have clever hands! One of the prime areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage is Physical Development. These fine motor skill activities are a great help when it comes to developing your child's writing. These activities focus on motor skill development by improving the muscles in the fingers and hands, strengthening hand grip, and developing wrist movement.

Shape Watch! During lunch time today we looked at shapes in the environment, including items in our lunch box. We noticed rectangular sandwiches, round cheeses and square packets!

Spooky Fun! The Monkeys have enjoyed some Halloween activities this week including exploring creepies in the ice, reading ‘Room on the Broom’ and baking orange scented cakes. Boooooooooooooooo!!

National Nursery Rhyme Week

Today we had a ‘Come and Play’ session where we invited the Parents to join in the fun with us. As it was National Nursery Rhyme Week, we prepared some teacher led activities to teach the children some of the traditional rhymes. We made links to what activities such as these have to the criteria of the EYFS development matters. We had a lovely time with the children and Parents and the Children’s Centre also popped in to share their support and invite parents to the groups and sessions that they run locally.

It’s Christmas!

Look at some of the activities we have been doing to celebrate Christmas.

Look who’s been dancing in our school in the night! We have been exploring the ice on the grass and on our equipment. We used lots of fantastic language like melt, freeze, cold and warm and the children experimented with watching the ice after adding warm water and salt.

We love dressing up! It’s one of our favourites!