Greatstone School recognises that exposure of children (and adults) to extremist ideology can hinder their social development and educational attainment alongside posing a very real risk that they could support or partake in an act of violence. Radicalisation of young people can be compared to grooming for sexual exploitation.

Greatstone School will ensure all staff complete an e-learning training package developed by The National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters (NCTPHQ), in conjunction with the College of Policing which includes guidance on how to identify people who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism, and how to refer them into the Channel process. The DSL will attend additional training which includes further information on the Prevent Duty.   

Every member of staff at Greatstone School recognises that children exposed to radicalisation and extremism is no different to safeguarding against any other vulnerability and should be approached in the same way as protecting children from other risks. All members of the community at Greatstone School will report concerns regarding radicalisation and extremism to the DSL who will follow local and national guidance.

Additional information about responding to online radicalisation and extremism can be found in the schools online safety policy.