A range of extra curricular after-school clubs were run in terms 5 and 6 and offered those participating the opportunity to experience all sorts of different activities.

These included: enterprise club, photography, exploring the world of Minecraft, Origami (the art of paper folding), running, sewing, loom band making, golf and art.

Miss Kate Williams SMSC Co-ordinator

Minecraft Club—Mr Cayley—Any Year Group— Wednesday

Minecraft Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Explore worlds safely together with other Greatstone pupils. No experience necessary.

Minecraft Club

We have been playing with cameras in Minecraft 🙂




Photography Club—Miss Ward and Mrs Cole—Years 4,5,6—Thursday

Do you want to learn more about the skills and flair needed to create fantastic photographs? In this club you will use a digital camera to snap pictures of your choice and digitally edit them to enhance and capture your creativity.  Whatever your level, beginner, improver or advanced, there’s something for everyone!


Enterprise Club—Mrs Roberts—Any Year Group—Monday

Become ‘Dragon’s Den’ entrepreneurs in this club that will capture the thrills and trials of being a ‘Super Inventor’. Children will choose what product they will design, make and sell to raise money to spend on something of their choice. Get your crazy creative brains in gear for this fantastic enterprise opportunity.


Sewing Club—Mrs Fox and Mrs Milbourn— Years 2,3,4,5,6 – Wednesday

You’ll be sew impressed with the skills you learn in this club, to create a beautiful project to take home as a gift. Nimble up your needles and poise your pins for this fantastic opportunity to kick-start your talent in this relaxing and creative valuable life skill.


Running club—Mrs Kay, Mrs Norman, Miss Williamson—Any Year Group—Thursday

Test your endurance to the limit in this physical pursuit to culminate in a charity fundraising ‘Fun Run’. You will push yourself to the limit on varying terrains such as on track and beach ground. With perseverance and a will to challenge your personal best, you will also raise money for a great cause.


Outdoor Club—Mr McConnell—Years 1 and 2—Monday

Bears Grylls has nothing on Mr McConnell! At this club you will visit the various environments we are lucky enough to have in and around the school. You will be challenged to develop your outdoor skills and put yourself to the test should you find yourself in the Marshy Wilderness of Greatstone’s School Grounds!


Magic Club—Mr Sharp—Year 3,4,5,6— Wednesday

Join the ‘Magic Circle’ in this club to learn the secrets of conjuring and illusion! Amaze your friends and family with your skills and master your own amazing show full of jaw dropping tricks.


Art Award—Miss Reeves and Mrs Bovingdon— Year 5—Monday

For the award, children work towards learning about how art doesn’t mean just drawing, it can be dance, singing, drama, and even last year and the year previ- ous to that, cake design! Each child needs to prove they have accessed a wide variety of the arts. The course requires a theme, which we will agree with the children on their first session.

Should the children attend the required sessions, they will earn an actual award through the Arts Council, Trinity College, London.


Loom Band Club—Ms Harkins—Any Year Group— Wednesday

Stay in the Loop with everything you need to produce a loom band item. There’s no limit to what you can produce with these colourful, stretchy rings— from handbag and mobile phone charms, to friendship bracelets and key rings.


Art Through Nature Club—Mrs Richardson and Miss Grimes— Years 1, 2 and 3—Monday

Get back in touch with Nature with this fantastic opportunity to express art through Nature. Activities include printing, painting and sculpting to culminate in the selling of your finished pieces in an Art Exhibition. Any proceeds that are made will be put towards the improvement of our outdoor area with a small percentage donation to the RNLI.


Scalextric Club—Mr Perry—Years 3,4,5,6— Wednesday

Scalextric, the biggest name in slot-racing. Design and build your own track using electronics to culminate in the Grand Prix of minicars. Challenge your friends to a motor racing duel and try to beat your own personal best as you hone and improve your skills with these classic vehicles.

Origami Club—Miss Booth—Years 5 and 6—Wednesday

Learn the complex and fascinating ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Learn a range of folds to produce a variety of different models which will be exhibited at the end of this challenging club.

Spelling ‘Bee’ Club— Years 3,4,5,6 —Mr Finn—Monday

By invitation only

Change for Life Club—Miss Calver and Miss Gorham—Years 3 and 4— Monday

By invitation only