As a school, we value consultation with our children and listen to their views. In light of this, at the beginning of the school year, children in each class from Years 2-6, are invited to run for the school council.

Last week, Mrs Wood and Miss Williams had the pleasure of listening to some of the speeches. It was heart warming to see so many children participating in the elections. Each candidate showed dedication and a love for their school as they shared their visions and aspirations for the future with their fellow voters. Mrs Wood and Miss Williams were just relieved that they didn’t have the responsibility of voting!

We are therefore very proud to present Greatstone Primary School council for 2017 -2018.
Year 2 – Opal – Teddy and Elle – Onyx
Year 3 – Charlie – Coral and Lois – Crystal
Year 4 – Molly – Rhinestone and Kirsty – Ruby
Year 5 – Faith – Amethyst and Callum – Amber
Year 6 – Brooke – Topaz and Stephanie – Turquoise

The newly elected school council will meet regularly to discuss school improvement issues along with suggestions and concerns from the school body. Miss Williams, Carole Simpson and Mrs Wood will support the council to help make decisions that will most benefit the school. We look forward to a very exciting year.

Our elected officials 2017 – 2018

Here are the “Matters for Discussion” notes from the Young Governor meetings.